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Ray Cargill has more than 25 years’ extensive experience working as a Finance Director and Company Secretary and as Managing Director in a wide range of companies and industries. During that time he has also worked with a number of Non Executive Directors. He also has many years’ experience chairing meetings, both in companies and in organisations outside of work. Almost all win-win gambling house no deposit bonus! Have the ability to collect your success!

The many and varied experiences gained working in large and small companies, during both good and difficult times, makes him well equipped to contribute to the decision making process in any company, either as a sounding board or as someone who can objectively challenge the thinking of senior management.

Having the facility to call on an experienced Non Executive Director, who can step back and take a balanced, dispassionate view on issues affecting a company, should enhance the effectiveness of senior management’s decision making and also act as a sometimes necessary moral compass.

Making use of an experienced, professional Non Executive Chairman, fully versed in the protocols and procedures associated with meetings and well used to cutting through the internal politics that cloud and distract from the issues that are really important, will make your meetings focused and much more productive.

Non Executive Services

The role of the Non Executive Director is to act as a sounding board for management and to improve the quality of executive decision making within a company.

cargill enterprises business management

The Non Executive Chairman’s role is to ensure that Board meetings are run efficiently and effectively.

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Cargill Enterprises Limited – a Wiltshire based management consultancy company – offers a one stop business consultancy service throughout the South West. Our experience in Non Executive Services covering such topics as chairing meetings, business mentoring, strategic decision making, operational decision making, new business development, company secretarial duties, business planning is available to you now.

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Non Executive Services

wiltshire based business consultancy

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