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The legislation surrounding Health and Safety in the workplace is increasingly being tightened and this, coupled with the emergence of “no win, no fee” personal injury lawyers makes the whole area a minefield for employers. A lot of win-win gambling establishment no deposit bonus! Be capable of get hold of your current winnings!

Failure to comply with Health and Safety legislation and failure to provide a safe working environment can lead to fines, closure of operations and in a worst case scenario, imprisonment of directors and owners.

We can help you set up a Health and Safety Policy, covering both operational and fire safety aspects, analyse the risks associated with both areas  and put in place systems, procedures and training that will demonstrate you have acted responsibly to ensure that you provide a safe place of work for your employees and visitors.

Health & Safety

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Identifying the operational and fire risks associated with your company and who is at risk is a key step to providing a safe workplace..

cargill enterprises business management

The first stage of any Health and Safety review is to establish your company’s Health and Safety Policy.

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Cargill Enterprises Limited – a Wiltshire based management consultancy company – offers a one stop business consultancy service throughout the South West. Our experience in Health and Safety covering such topics as fire safety, HSE audits, health and safety legislation, health and safety risk analysis, health and safety policy, health and safety procedures, health and safety training, safety manual is available to you now.

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Health & Safety

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