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Many companies evolve over time without considering how the infrastructure best suits the changing needs of the business.

New operations are often” bolted-on” to the existing structure without considering whether changes need to be made to the systems and practices already in place, to the extent that some areas become inefficient and overburdened.  Likewise, practices that were put in place some time ago to suit the business as it was at the time, become outdated and in many cases obsolete.


A critical look at your business and how it has evolved may identify inefficiencies that impact on service, quality, staff morale and profitability. Re-structuring may well be the solution to the problem.

There may also be opportunities for consolidating and amalgamating operations or closing down those that are unprofitable or redundant.

Cargill Enterprises can help you identify any areas that may benefit from re-structuring and in the implementation of changes.

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Cargill Enterprises Limited – a Wiltshire based management consultancy company – offers a one stop business consultancy service throughout the South West. Our experience in Re-Structuring covering such topics as business analysis, asset disposal, change management, project management, redundant assets, obsolete stock, consolidation, amalgamation is available to you now.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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