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In the present economic climate, cash management is critical to a company’s survival. Banks are not lending at the levels they did before the recession and are much more likely to look unfavourably on a company that is nudging up against its borrowing limits. The time when a quick phone call to your bank would secure a temporary increase in your overdraft limit to see you through a lean period  is sadly long gone.

Cargill Enterprises will examine your present systems for managing cash and suggest how these may be improved. In particular, we will look at the effectiveness of your credit control procedures and how you measure this. We will look at the borrowing facilities provided by your bank.

We will also look at your cash flow forecasting, how accurate it is and how often it is carried out. We will examine both your own and the payment terms of your suppliers and look at ways of improving these.

Cash Management

In addition, we will establish who holds the purse strings and what information is available to them to ensure that they have an up to date and accurate picture of how the various elements that affect cash flow are performing.

We are also able to advise and assist with presentations to your bank. The majority of win-win casino no deposit bonus! Be capable of obtain the earnings!

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Cargill Enterprises Limited – a Wiltshire based management consultancy company – offers a one stop business consultancy service throughout the South West. Our experience in Cash Management covering such topics as cash flow forecasting, credit control procedures, bank presentations, borrowing facilities, debt collection, factoring is available to you now.

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